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Working With Charities

As the oak tree symbolises strength, morale, resistance and knowledge, OAK Agility draws values and sustenance from these. By this virtue, we support a variety of charitable causes across the globe. Here are a some of the charities we support; 

/ Optimal Change Partnership

An NGO based in Ghana (West Africa)

Info: Optimal Change Partnership (OCP) was born in July 2012, out of the desire of three friends to give back to society as a result of what they have achieved in life. Dr. Theophilus Nkansah, Mrs. Adoma Appiah, and Mr. Emmanuel Osei Appiah, the Founding Members of OCP, met on daily basis to plan how they would use their combined knowledge and experience to help deprived and marginalized individuals and communities.

Because we were all employees of other organizations, we used our weekends and leave days to advance the course of OCP. We employed other staff who we paid from our own resources.

We started with the implementation of the Child Development Project (CHILDEP) in the Fanteakwa district of the Eastern Region. We pulled our financial resources together to implement this project. This was a project that worked with teachers in two rural communities to provide extra classes as well as recreational opportunities for deprived children.

It was during the implementation of the SCASO project that World Vision International in Ghana got to know about OCP and made us one of the Implementing Partners of the ‘Strengthening Care and Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (SCASO) in the Fanteakwa district, which we implemented very effectively and efficiently.
Around this same time with partnered CARE International in Ghana to implement the VISA project- Mobile Solutions to Financial Inclusion- in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.
We have consequently implemented several other projects for World Vision Ghana, and the Germany- based Exposure and Dialogue Programme (EDP).

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