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Our coaching offerings span from executive & leadership coaching, systemic and relationship coaching, team coaching, career coaching, and life coaching.

We also offer coaching supervision and coach the coach programs.

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Enterprise Agility Coaching

Enterprise Agility Coaching is the result of taking a holistic, systems, ‘whole organisation’ approach to change to get better business results in a complex and rapidly changing market. It is important to focus on people and their relationships to each other and their work, and then facilitating better processes of how things get done. It is a structural and cultural change and not just a framework or process change. 


This change work includes and extends to all departments such as HR, Finance, Legal, Compliance, etc. and the executive teams, to create a culture of success, innovation, and ability to adapt to changing demands, across the whole organisation and not just product and business teams.


We work with organisations looking to improve business agility and are adopting agile ways of working or looking to improve an existing agile transformation which isn’t going well or looking to start an agile transformation and don’t know where to start.

/ Leadership Coaching Offerings

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching is the ultimate tailored approach to achieving your goals as a leader. This is a One-to-one leadership coaching with highly experienced Solution-Focused and Organisation, Relationship & Systems Coaches. Our coaches are International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coaches. 

We work with you to establish a leader & coach fit before any engagement is established because we believe a coach and a leader (coachee) need to be able to ‘dance in the art of partnership’ as coach and leader (coachee) develop new awareness and insights that gets the heart of what the leader (coachee) wants to work on.

We work with leaders and executives in sectors such as higher education (university), energy, financial services, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics etc


/ Team Coaching Offerings

Team Coaching

Team Coaching empowers teams to work toward continued high performance and ongoing development, requiring innovation, flexibility, adaptability and goal alignment – all traits that coaching helps support.


The outcome of team coaching is achieving business results through the factors of visioning, capability, energy, agility, purpose and identity.

At OAK Agility, context is key. We use a Solution-Focused and a Systemic & Relationship coaching approach in our team coaching engagements. 


We work with teams in many sectors ranging from financial services, energy, telecommunications, retail, agile product development teams.


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Objectives - Facilitation - Certification

Objectives & Key Results

Implementation & Execution. You need a better way to plan, mobilise and execute your company strategy and to get everyone in your company aligned on the same direction to achieve the vision? We will help you through the implementations of Objectives and Key Results, catered to your specific company size, needs and maturity.

We will ‘meet you where you are’ as an organisation and partner with you to execute on practical, outcomes-driven strategy that gets your organisation moving in the direction you are looking to achieve.

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Are you looking for experienced facilitators to design & run your workshops so that you can be fully immersed and participate? Here at OAK Agility, we have expert facilitators who will work alongside you to design, prepare and fully facilitate a corporate workshop, leadership strategy workshops, team workshop etc.

We use expert systemic coaching techniques and tools plus small and large group facilitation techniques to help achieve the best outcomes you require. From groups as small as 5 to large groups in the region of 500 plus, we can do it.

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Agile Training & Certification

Why not launch into your Agile journey with an experienced Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)? We offer Bespoke, context specific training ranging on various Agile related topics. All our training are immersive and using experiential learning techniques including adult learning techniques to enable you to apply your learnings the very next day you go back to the office. We use “Training from the back of the room” techniques with all our trainings.

We offer certification courses such as Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO). We offer private courses to students all around the world with the ability to tailor private courses to your specific needs. For organisations looking for in-house training, we offer tailored courses, as well as bespoke client-specific training that can be adapted to suit personal requirements.

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Our Clients Say

Valentina Vergari
Valentina Vergari

(Scrum Master at Dyson Technology Ltd)

Being mentored by Kwasi is an honour and a pleasure, I have learned an awful lot from him, especially how to become a better scrum master and support my team on a human level. There are certain things that you can’t learn by following a course but you can definitely discover by working with someone like Kwasi. His way with people is simply inspirational

Melanie Pabifio
Melanie Pabifio

(Agile Delivery Manager VP at Marsh McLennan)

I found the coaching program gave me a lot of insight, tools & techniques on how to resolve challenges in my role. The program is great because it is personalised to one's individual needs. Kwasi was very patient, flexible and a great mentor!

Danut Sobre
Danut Sobre

Thank you very much for yesterday's session. It was amazing. One of the best interactive sessions since we started the user group.

Robin Jeffery
Robin Jeffery

Kwasi facilitated an amazing retrospective and tailored agile training for the entire executive division as part of our learning.  Our agile journey has already delivered some great benefits to the company, but the enhancements we have made since his session has already improved working collaboration and business outcomes.  The team left energised and the positive energy and self-belief enhanced in the room has successfully infiltrated back into the workplace.

Sachna Vadgama
Sachna Vadgama

My experience with attending this course was a very positive experience. Kwasi was a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer. He really helped and supported our group with bringing the Scrum Master role to life with real life activities for us to roleplay. This is one of the best training courses I have attended and I felt confident about my exam as we covered all areas in detail. Kwasi was very patient and he always followed up with a recap session to ensure we all understood everything correctly. Thank you for such a positive experience!