Internship Program

/ Oak Agility Internship Programme

Partnership with University of Ghana

Giving back to the great continent of Africa has been a big purpose for OAK Agility.

Through great partnership with University of Ghana, we are fulfilling this purpose.

Since last year, we have been running an internship program with University of Ghana students within the organisation to train, learn and gather practical experience as Scrum Masters for OAK Agility.

We are very proud about this partnership.

We aspire to grow talent, skills and opportunities for our current cohort of interns in the continent but also abroad. We are pleased to say, we have found some absolutely fantastic individuals we developing into becoming incredible coaches.

Here are some of the why we do this;

Access to Fresh Talent

By offering internships, we have gained access to a pool of talented students and recent graduates who are eager to learn and gain practical experience in the field. This has allowed us to identify and nurture future coaches from African continent.

Increased Productivity

The recruits have been valuable to our organisation. They have brought new ideas and perspectives that is helping solve problems and drive innovation.

Diverse Perspectives

With a variety of backgrounds and experiences, it has brought diverse perspectives to our organisation. This has led to a more inclusive and creative work environment.

Our current cohort are;

Beatrice Afia Wilson
Emmanuel Gyan
Charis Arhin
Henrich Oduro
Manuella Crampah
Prince Adjei

At the beginning of the year, the team met in Ghana for a team picnic and here are some photos of what we got up to to strengthen the team bonding and our goals 🙂

Event organised by The Aster (Instagram:


Photography by Graphonice Studios (Instagram: @Graphonice)